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Meanings of Report

 Reports are necessary in all companies and organizations. A effective organization should know what is the true meaning of report and try to avoid useless reports. 

There are five most important meanings of a report:

1. Managers collect data to know the situation of business running. 

2. Recognize data changes in reports. Changes are related with historical strategies, market trending, etc, which help manager to make new decisions. 

3. Extraordinary data, which always hide a risk or an opportunity. 

4. Problems and asking helps.  Problem is required to be report to manager, meanwhile one or two possible solution should come with problems.  So that manager can not how to help you and your team to resolve the problem but not compliant you as a problem maker. 

Some ineffective reports come with evident characters,

1. No audience. Sometimes manager ask a report for curiousness. But after a few times the manager lost interesting on that and ignore data every time. When a report has no audience, we should stop to report it , or only extract data changes and extraordinary data and report a short summery. 

2. No feedback. 




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It is my duty

It is my duty.  其实我一直在尝试理解,Duty是什么。不同的人,有不同的故事。 一、和尚 我问和尚,为什么选择出家这样的生活。和尚说,这是天命。和尚无红尘生活,放弃了很多个人家庭方面的东西。他现在想做的,要做的三个事,第一个,把庙继续修建修建,自己对建筑有兴趣,所以,一砖一瓦修庙,对他来讲就是修行。第二个,守住庙,守住了一方土地的平安;第三,是制茶,通过手工的制茶工艺,能带动一些村里的经济。 和尚的责任,就是载于一物的个人修行,守护一方的庙,造福的一方百姓。 二、 我 我问和尚说,我找你皈依了吧。和尚说,如果你没成家,你一定可以做个好和尚。但每个人都有自己的责任,你的责任就是先照顾好你的家。 当时躲在庙里小住,心态本就是在躲避公司上的纷纷扰扰,家庭上的菜油酱醋。而显然和尚是对的。一个世俗之人,已经失去了云游四方的自由。小家不为何以为大家。 我的责任,照顾好自己、家人,以及更大的家人。 三、一个人 一个人问我,生命的意义是什么。我说,活着。 在某些情况下, 活着并不容易。在压力的艰辛之下,甚至找不到继续活下去的方向和希望。那就想想自己,自己是谁的希望,谁在为你而活。父母永远无法承受丧子之痛,朋友不希望遍插茱萸少一人的悲凉,任何一个个人,不仅仅世界网络上的一个点,他还承载着网络中的线。 个人的责任,就是活着,为了自己的存在,为了自己的关联不断裂,为了身边的人不收到伤害。 四、社会 社会,以及社会上的个人有享受稳定、安全的权利。社会管理阶层应给予必要手段,对民众进行保障。而当社会管理阶层无法履行这一责任时,作为群众,则有责任质疑、建议、甚至推翻这样的一个无能的管理阶层。 社会管理阶层的责任是保证人民的安居乐业,人民的责任,是监督和选举一个能够履行好责任的政党。

Five Skills Positive Impact on My Life

I am committed to lifelong learning and seek to acquire diverse knowledge and skills to enhance my personal and professional life. Here are five skills that have had a positive impact on my life:  1. Zero Second Thinking - The world's simplest training for improving your mind .  I learn the skill of Zero Second Thinking from the book of Zero Second Thinking by Yuji Akaba . When I need to come up with an idea or solve a difficult problem, I stop what I'm doing and find a quite place to lay down some white paper.  This is how Zero Second Thinking works: On the first paper, write down 3~5 most important and overview ideas in your mind in one minute, no mater if they are mature or not.  At the beginning, the time doesn't need to be measured accurately, just keep writing until you have listed all the overview points. After serval training, you will know your own speed.  In my minute, I can usually list 7 items.  Take one of the ideas you just write down and expand on it, noting