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Five Skills Positive Impact on My Life

I am committed to lifelong learning and seek to acquire diverse knowledge and skills to enhance my personal and professional life. Here are five skills that have had a positive impact on my life:  1. Zero Second Thinking - The world's simplest training for improving your mind .  I learn the skill of Zero Second Thinking from the book of Zero Second Thinking by Yuji Akaba . When I need to come up with an idea or solve a difficult problem, I stop what I'm doing and find a quite place to lay down some white paper.  This is how Zero Second Thinking works: On the first paper, write down 3~5 most important and overview ideas in your mind in one minute, no mater if they are mature or not.  At the beginning, the time doesn't need to be measured accurately, just keep writing until you have listed all the overview points. After serval training, you will know your own speed.  In my minute, I can usually list 7 items.  Take one of the ideas you just write down and expand on it, noting