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Five Skills Positive Impact on My Life

I am committed to lifelong learning and seek to acquire diverse knowledge and skills to enhance my personal and professional life. Here are five skills that have had a positive impact on my life: 

1. Zero Second Thinking - The world's simplest training for improving your mind . 

I learn the skill of Zero Second Thinking from the book of Zero Second Thinking by Yuji Akaba .

When I need to come up with an idea or solve a difficult problem, I stop what I'm doing and find a quite place to lay down some white paper.  This is how Zero Second Thinking works:

  1. On the first paper, write down 3~5 most important and overview ideas in your mind in one minute, no mater if they are mature or not.  At the beginning, the time doesn't need to be measured accurately, just keep writing until you have listed all the overview points. After serval training, you will know your own speed.  In my minute, I can usually list 7 items. 
  2. Take one of the ideas you just write down and expand on it, noting the details on the second paper. Gramma and language are not important at this stage, you can just list some keywords that fully describe your idea. 
  3. Repeat step 2 for all items on page 1. If you get suck on some items, cross them out if you have no detailed knowledge about them. If you are confused about an item, list both sides of the issue on a paper and then expand on each idea in additional papers. 
  4. Quickly review the notes, bumping the ideas around in your brain again. Add any additional words or ideas on the paper if needed.

The whole progress should take less than 10 minutes. As a result you will have a structured and clear idea or solution to you problem. The next step is to implement the details, you can think more about the specifics, make a to-do list, and write an essay based on the papers. 

Another habit I have gained from Zero Second Thinking is using paper to manage my ideas and to-do list. When I receive a task or encounter an obstacle that I need to address later, I write it down on a piece of paper.  At the end of my workday, I review my list and mark items as done or keep the paper on my monitor to start again in my next work day.

I also write this essay guided by Zero Second Thinking way, I list 5 items on the first page, I can confidently say that they are all truly important important because they emerged in one minute without any deep digging  for fabrication.

2. Enneagram - The best tools to analysis on characteristic of yourself and relationships. 

The Enneagram of Personality, or simply the Enneagram, is a model of the human psyche that is understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types.

Unlike other models, such as MBTI and horoscope, the Enneagram not only indicates personality and character traits, but also reveals the connections between each type. With the knowledge of Enneagram, I am able to understand what I am fearing, and pursuing, and can analyze my emotions and motivations to determine whether I am in a positive or negative state. Personality is not constant and can change over time. The Enneagram model recognizes this by outlining the evolution of character traits for each personality type. it identified clear directions for integration and stress. This means that individuals can work towards integration and positive development, or towards disintegration and negative tendencies.  Understanding these directions can help individuals identify their natural inclinations and make conscious efforts to improve and grow in positive ways. 

For example, I am in personality type 5wing6, Observer and Loyal Skeptic.  It is true that I have a natural gift for thinking and problem-resolving. As a type 6, I often seek guidance from others but am also afraid of becoming like them. However, this mindset pushes me to overcome my fear to go beyond my beliefs and myself.  

My integration types are type 8 Challenger and type 9 Peacemaker. As an observer, I cannot achieve success without taking actions, but a Challenger is always ready to act without too much thinking. The integration from type 5 to type 8 pushes me to take actions promptly and embrace uncertainty as I implement my ideas into the real world, which often leads to faster success.  As I strive for integration with type 9, I practice Zen meditation to become less aggressive when my beliefs are challenged.  I give thanks and blessing around me,  even those who abuses me,  and choose to forgive them and bless them in their escape from a painful life.  On the other hand, type 7 and type 3 are my disintegration directions. I try to avoid to overthinking and idealism, and always refuse to betray my values - the dark side of type 3 is one who values success over basic values.

Thanks for the Enneagram. I have discovered my inner self, my superego. Guided by its directions, I am working to improve more characteristics to become a strong individual. 

3. Zen meditation

It is hard to say how much I have gained in Zen meditation. I love to practice Zen meditation at anytime and even without any purpose. Sometimes it continuous for 30 minutes, but sometimes just for 5 minutes. 

Zen meditation tells me to cross legs and sit in the lotus position, concentrate on your peaceful breathing which is the only thing in the pure world, control the mind to acquire the perfect freedom thinking after your mind is emptiness. 

Indeed, I have to say I gain nothing from zazen practice. In a good zazen practice, I concentrate to emptiness which leads a new born of my mind which can think more positively and effectively.

I am, and always am the beginner in zend mind with an empty mind. Being a beginner is the best satiation I can learn more from Zen. One book is recommended that is Zend Mind, Beginner's mind, by SHUNRYU SUZUKI.


4. ESBI, 4 different ways of generating income 

The ESBI is discussed by Robert Kiyosaki in his book "Rich Dad Poor Dad." It refers to a framework for classifying different ways of generating income based on the way they are taxed and the level of risk involved. But I have different understand on ESBI based on work time. 

The quadrant consists of four categories:

  • Employee: This category refers to people who earn income by working for someone else, typically as an employee. They receive a salary or wages only when they have spent time on the job position. Employee must work according to the schedule made by employer. When they leave the job position, they can not get paid any more. 
  • Self-employed: This category refers to people who work for themselves and generate income from their own efforts. They may be business owners, freelancers, vbloger, or contractors. Self-employed have their own schedule. Although sometimes they have to obey the customer's requirements, they have more freedom to decide how to distribute their time to work and life. Typically, they own their special skill, company and product which contribute to a high work hour salary or continuous incoming. They gain money because not only they work for it,  but also they have knowledge, skill and experience to do it.  
  • Business owner: This category refers to people who own a business and generate income through the efforts of others. They may own a small business or a large corporation. No one can do everything because of the ability, knowledge, and time. Business owners buy the time from others who contribute to business profit. That means business owner can expand their time unlimited and expect to gain money without bounds.
  • Investor: This category refers to people who generate income through investments in assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or other financial instruments. Investor has a more passive role in generating income. You have to spend more time on choosing and trace assets, but doesn't have to struggle into the daily work of a business.  But after you decide assets, the most important thing is forget that to expect a long term return. 
Many people start their careers as employees. It is the same I was. Fortunately,  I had the opportunity to start my own business with two friends at the age of 24. While working as an employee can provide financial stability, self-employment allows for greater potential for income growth and the freedom to work on your own terms. I realized that it was important to not only work for the company, but also to invest in my own skills, knowledge, leadership abilities, and social relationships. Currently, I am involved in all four categories, Business owner consumers most of my time, but self-employment is my preferred role as it allows for more flexibility and creativity.

5. English and a broad range of knowledge.

There is no doubt that English is the most widely used language in the world. Almost all modern civilizations and technological documents are written in English. The origins and development of computer information come from the United States, and the highest representatives of technology are now in the English-speaking world too; the current management methods of enterprises, the enterprises with the highest market value, and most of them come from English-speaking countries; the widespread and inclusive nature of English also makes it better integrated into diverse cultures and form a common civilization group in the world.

On the other hand, bilingual individuals can learn about and compare different language and cultural worlds while learning a second language and culture, and have the opportunity to turn these differences into business opportunities.

In addition, a single language can lead to the conservatism and closure of information and is more easily used by the ruling class as a tool for political propaganda. This is particularly evident in Chinese textbooks. The history written in Chinese is not the true history, and even the math knowledge written in Chinese is carrying false political content. In the past ten years, the Chinese language has been destroyed beyond recognition by a leader who only attended primary school.

Gaining access to more information can help you uncover the truth and distinguish fact from fiction, and is also your only chance to escape the evil of your native language.


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